Propane Cylinder Specifications

Propane Tanks & Cylinders

Whether you need to heat, power or grill, Worthington Cylinders specializes in making propane tanks and cylinders used daily across the globe. You’ll find the quality of our customer service equals that of the propane tanks we deliver.

Like all of our products, each propane tank and cylinder meets or exceeds industry regulations for quality and is manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations.
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Portable Propane Cylinders

Made of either aluminum or steel, Worthington Cylinders offers a complete line of portable propane cylinders.

Forklift Cylinders

Worthington produces rugged, steel and aluminum Department of Transportation-certified forklift cylinders designed to consistently perform over time.

Outdoor Equipment/ Mower Cylinders

Worthington's aluminum outdoor equipment cylinders power mowers with all the benefits of clean LPG fuel, and the durability needed for outdoor use.


Drawing from decades of experience in the pressure cylinder industry, Worthington Cylinders produces various sizes of heating tanks designed to keep applications running efficiently.

Camping Fuel

Enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t mean you need to live without the basic amenity of heat. BernzOmatic® and Coleman® camping fuel cylinders are perfect for cooking, grilling or heating applications even if you are hundreds of miles from civilization.

ASME Motor Fuel Tanks

Worthington produces a wide range of sizes of ASME motor fuel tanks to meet all of your recreational and alternative fuel vehicle requirements.

Hand Torch Cylinders

Take advantage of our more than 40 years of experience manufacturing hand torch cylinders that can be used with propane, MAP-Pro™ and oxygen gases.

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