Worthington Impact Products

Worthington Cylinders is a North American leader in engineered steel and aluminum impact extrusions. We’ve been producing impact extrusions since 1958 for use in a wide variety of industries and applications. Our components are manufactured with the backing of Worthington Industries, a leading diversified metal processing company.

In 2009, Worthington Cylinders acquired Piper Metal Forming, adding their expertise in impact extrusion to our extensive line of pressure cylinder products.

We’re committed to being the supplier of choice by employing the best and most efficient methods of quality, production and management to provide the highest quality and most cost-efficient products.

Worthington will work with our customers to provide a high-strength part without porosity that is as close as possible to the net shape, which minimizes or eliminates additional machining. Our goal is to supply an engineered solution that enables your company to meet specific needs and applications.

Why choose Worthington Impact?

If you want to reduce the machining costs of your components,Worthington can help provide a near net shape impact. With over 50 years of experience in the metal processing industry, we have the skill to produce top quality extrusion products. Learn more

Save Time and Money with Impact Extrusion

The impact extrusion process often yields a part that requires significantly less machining than other production processes. In some cases, it can also eliminate assembly operations. Parts are formed using solid billet, which is put under high pressure, resulting in near net shape that can save you time and money.   Learn more

Markets and Applications

We produce impact extrusion products for a variety of industries including automotive, military, energy, commercial and high-pressure cylinder markets.   Learn more

Contact Us

Find out what Worthington Impact can do for your company, contact:  Scott Kirkland
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Email - scottkirkland@worthingtoncylinders.com

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