Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Worthington’s CNG tank production facilities in Europe, India and the United States deliver a comprehensive, global supply and service network for CNG containment and storage. These durable, lightweight cylinders are used in automobiles, light trucks, medium and heavy-duty trucks, buses, gas transport trailers and gas transportation modules around the world.


  • Type I steel, Type II composite-reinforced and Type III ultra-lightweight composite cylinders made from aluminum and carbon fiber.
  • Type I available with Longlife Powercoat ™ state-of- the-art coating.
  • Tier 1 and 2 supplier to automotive industry.
  • CNG cascade filling tanks available through Worthington Nitin.
  • 2900 – 3600 psi/ 200 – 248 bar service pressure.

Applications: Fuel storage in passenger cars and LDVs, CNG roof storage systems for transit buses, composite trailers/ Multi Element Gas Containers (MEGC) for gas transport.

Certifications: Certified to all major international certifications. See our detailed quality and certifications listings.

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